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The Turing Phone Cadenza carries a 60 megapixels back camera and a 20 megapixels selfie shooter. And as if that isn't enough camera specs for a device, there are dual 2 front cameras!! This already mind blowing device carries 1TB internal storage with dual Gb memory chips for on board memory as well as an additional GB expandaple through micro-SD card slots what for? The "Turing Phone Cadenza" comes packing 3 power sources: a mAh graphene supercapacitor battery, a mAh lithium ion battery, and a hydrogen fuel cell Information on if it is removeable or not is not yet available.

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The device supports four nano sim cards of course , two of which can be used for expanding the storage. The Swordfish OS features some advanced AI based embedded features which includes a memory network and a neural network. A natural language processing is also built into the Cadenza, while users can switch the device off and on using voice commands via a new technology i. Voice can also be used for bio-metric authentication instead of usual retina scanners or fingerprint scanners present in these days smartphones because the Cadenza is super-awesome like that.

The Cadenza's body is made up of liquid metal Apple uses this to make the sim card ejector tools and the durable Graphene Oxide. While the Turing Cadenza is pretty. The Internet company wants to change all that, they want you to think YouTube and think social media. Why change what works? This move will ensure YouTube retains customers on the site for longer periods of time. So, you can say that YouTube is aiming for customer retention of some sorts. Like all rumors, this should be taken with a grain of salt. Although VentureBeat seems sure about it.

Rumors have been flying about the Huawei Honor Note 8 smartphone for a while now and only a few days back we heard that it could have a massive 6. The smartphone has now gone official and it turns out that the rumor about screen size was accurate. The Note 8 has a 6.

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The smartphone has a 2. The smartphone weighs grams and is 7. Huawei will offer the smartphone in platinum light gold, ice silver, and grey colors. The processor has eight cores with four A72 cores at 2. Capacity for the battery is mAh and Huawei claims with its power optimization the battery is good for 1. You could watch video on the smartphone for 13 hours straight. The rear camera is a 13MP unit and the front camera is an 8MP unit.

The rear camera has a F2. You can purchase the Honor Note 8 for pre-order on August 1 with the first deliveries on August 8. The smartphone can be pre-ordered from Vmall. We've seen levitating products with increasing frequency, one of the coolest ones being that Mars levitating speaker. Equally fascinating is a newly surfaced wireless phone charger that causes your smartphone to levitate above the charging base: OvRcharge. The device is being funded on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, where the company behind it, AR Designs, details the voodoo that makes this seemingly magical devic … e work.

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The system involves two main components — the wood charging base with an electricity receiver and a special phone case that features an induction receiver and a magnet. The phone case is very small thin and not terribly noticeable when the phone is charging; when the battery reaches capacity, the charging will stop but the phone will continue to levitate and spin slowly. Because of the variety of phone sizes and shapes, not all wireless smartphones will be compatible with the case.

AR Designs says it will offer cases for the most popular smartphones the newest iPhone, for example , but for everyone else there will be a third-party attachment that can be attached to an existing phone case. The OvRcharge can support devices up to grams in terms of levitation , so it will work with many tablets in addition to smartphones. The base measures mm x 33mm x mm for the regular model; there is also an Ultra model measuring mm x 35mm x mm with a mAh output instead of mAh. AR Designs plans to offer the charger in dark, walnut, and cherry wood varieties initially, and teases that more options will be available in the future.

Scientists from a Belgian university have built a solar-powered machine that can turn urine into drinkable water. They deployed it at a day music and theater festival in central Ghent, Belgium. The experiment was a success as the scientists were able to recover a 1, litres of unconsumed water, which will be used to make Belgian beer, from the urine of several partygoers. They're able to pull this off through memb … rane distillation that gets rid of 95 percent of all ammonia present in urine.

The liquid is collected in a big tank and is heated in a solar-powered boiler. The heated urine then passes through the membrane which separates out the water as well as nutrients like nitrogen and potassium, which can be used to make fertilizers. The current goal is to install larger versions of these machines in airports and sports venues. The scientists also want to help out rural communities in the developing world where drinkable water is in short supply.

These images come from NWE via their leak name OnLeaks - generally trustworthy for this sort of thing. Of note here is the fact that while these do very much appear to be final official renders, Samsung has not released any info as such - not until August 2nd! The Galaxy Note 7 appears here wi … th a curved-edge display only. While we've seen multiple instances of test models for the Galaxy Note 7 with a flat display, it would seem now that the question of there being two versions of the device is once again in question.

It could be that the test version uses a flat screen because of ease of manufacture, while the final version has only a curved display - requiring no real difference in software, only touch panel and display corrections. According to the same source as the images you see here along with recent anonymous sources, this device will come with the following specifications:.

The new Samsung GearVR is mm wide compared to the latest version at mm. The new version is mm tall while the latest version is mm tall, and the new version is This version is just a bit bigger. Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago have created a breakthrough solar cell that can be produced cheaply and is able to efficiently create a usable hydrocarbon fuel using carbon dioxide found in the air and sunlight.

The new solar cell literally creates usable fuel from thin air and light. The scientists have reported their findings in the July 29 issues of Science. The new solar panel works in a manner similar t … o how plants function by converting carbon dioxide in the air around the cell into fuel. The scientists say that a solar farm using these artificial leaves would be able to remove a significant amount of carbon from the atmosphere and use that carbon to produce an energy-dense fuel efficiently.

The scientists say that the ability to create fuel from CO2 in the atmosphere at a cost comparable to the creation of a gallon of gasoline would make fossil fuels obsolete. The fuel is made using a reduction reaction. The breakthrough required the team to use a family of nano-structured compounds called transition metal dichalcogenides or TMDCs as a catalyst.

The catalyst was paired with an unconventional ionic liquid as the electrolyte in a dual compartment, three-electrode electrochemical cell. The scientist said that the new catalyst is times faster than Nobel-metal catalysts and 20 times cheaper.

Microsoft's free upgrade offer for Windows 10 ended last week, or did it? The software giant has introduced a "free upgrade offer extension" for Windows 7 and Windows 8. While, technically, the free upgrade offer for the general public has ended, Microsoft has introduced a loophole with this extension that lets anyone get Windows 10 for free. Microsoft says it has not announced an end date for the upgrade extension, and the company will make a public announcement when it plans to remove the free Windows 10 upgrade for assistive technology users.

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Microsoft is now planning to distribute a free Anniversary Update to Windows 10 tomorrow. The software update will include Cortana improvements, Windows Ink, Microsoft Edge extensions, and a lot more tweaks and new features. Existing Windows 10 users will start receiving the update automatically from Windows Update tomorrow morning. The smartphones will mark a return to form for the former Finnish giant which had announced its comeback into the mobile business earlier this year. According to GizmoChina, there are two Nokia smartphones in the pipeline with one sporting a 5.

As per Nokia Power User, the final product may contain aspects of touch and hover interaction.

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Interestingly, the company may also be introducing IP68 certification into the mix to make sure the phones are dust and water resistant. As for design, both have apparently been fashioned out of metal for a premium look and feel. The manufacturer is also looking to install fingerprint scanners for added security. The new report further mentions that users can expect a ton of innovations in the camera department.

The devices are expected to come out by the end of , though this may get pushed to Q1 of depending on testing and development. It should be noted that the information above is apparently based on early-stage prototypes and as such may not be present in the final product. Facebook introduced Auto Playing videos in your Timeline recently, It was fun to watch the videos auto play but recently the timeline has been filled with videos of cats, dogs and other funny animals. Although these videos auto play without sound, it takes a toll on your bandwidth and many users browsing on a limited bandwidth connection or mobile data experience unwanted usage of their precious data.

And have you forgotten a pattern for it? MTK Droid tool is a software that allows you to perform varied tasks on your Android device. Just in one click, get in-depth product reviews, analysis, full specifications, features and much more. Version: Description: V3. May 18 th, Adjust the volume, Android volume, microphone volume, tablet volume, volume of smartphone, smartphone volume, engineering menu, volume Up, microphone sensitivity, speaker volume, engineering menu Unlocking Bootloader is now a very simple process.

M design is based on Media Tek Inc. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. This drivers will make the connection to your MTK device possible form a Windows 10 PC on a 32 or 64 bit configuration. Profile views - There are plenty of ways to bypass FRP as we mentioned in the post. Requirements: If you are using any Antivirus Application on your computer then disable it first then after follow the below tutorial. Smart design within reach.

Want to lend a helping hand to others? Below is a list of links to manufacturer's download sites for stock firmware. It means that you can write ro learn MTK flash. It is the software,by using it you can restore your personal data,simply it allows you to backup and restore. Get the SourceForge newsletter. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features.