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My current Photoshop is CS4. Although it can work with RAW images, my understanding is that there is no standard raw and different cameras handle it differently, therefore you need to have included in your PS the one that will work with your camera.

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The camera I'm considering is the Lumix ZS, which is new this year and therefore will not have its converter in the old PS. This is all new to me so my understanding may be a bit muddled.

So it looks like a very good solution. So since I understand that, for instance, all. So to select the right software, I need to know if it will work for the Lumix ZS I've sent an email to portpro to find out. If so, it does sound like the bet solution.

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May 21, AM in response to taueva In response to taueva. You can contact the developers of darktable to see if they CAN update to add support to your camera. Your Panasonic camera maybe too new for any of the currently updated RAW editors to have included, yet. Maybe you should contact them because they are still developing and currently updating their RAW editor. May 21, AM. I've done that but it looks like portrait pro will do the same thing in a more user-friendly manner. I hope it will support the Lumix.

I'm looking forward to using raw for the first time and without grief of convoluted software intricacies.

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Thanks again for locating these solutions. May 21, PM. May 21, PM in response to taueva In response to taueva. Looks like you have decided on a piece of software that will work for you and your needs and workflow! Here's an interesting update. It seemed like I would like the way PortraitPro works but I don't do portraits much, mostly landscapes. So I looked to find if there's a landscape version. And there is! Apparently it's new. Unsurprisingly it's called LandscapePro.

So I just wrote to find if it supports my camera. Now, here's the more interesting part.

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It requires OS DLL " to the " system " window you located in the previous step. Now, at last, you are ready to double-click on the wrapper icon for the first time.

Click Advanced. Change the Menubar Name field to something meaningful, e. Click "Save".

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Click "Done". Click "Quit". If you make a mistake or miss something after you have quit out of the above window, you can get it back easily enough: Find your "wrapper" in the Finder.

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Double-click on the red Wineskin icon and you should see the same four-option small window as described above. Fix what you need to fix and then click "Quit". Using TrueBasic on the Mac Finally, you are ready to use your new wrapper! Two windows should appear: An "Open File" dialog box at the top and a "Command window" across the bottom of your screen. To see a demo file in action, double click on "[TB Demos]" and then select one of the sample files barchart. Click Open or double-click. A window with the source code will appear e. Select "Run" from the "Run" menu to execute the program.

Close Winetricks. That will transfer your previous server connection lists as well as your MetaTrader account details and layouts. Now you can exit Wineskin app and close the Finder window showing your bundle contents. On a cursory look it is an improvement over Crossover version 8 I used back then. If you experience any kind of runtime issues and you are adventurous enough to dive deeper into setup and troubleshooting business, Debug Mode is of great help. After that Wineskin will let you check the runtime logs, where you may find a clue to a missing or misbehaving component.