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Rate this app:. Post review. Most helpful. Now I came across the developers here listed on macupdate are education terra OK here it goes. Its buggy, as the window size in both the normal and fullscreen mode exceeds the screen size. I bought this for the second time only to feel remorseful about this.

Potential buyers be warned. Please fix this soon.

🔥 KeyKey Typing Tutor for Mac — type faster just after a few lessons

Eagerly waiting. Go to reviews 1. App requirements:. Intel 64 OS X Developer Website:. Apps you might also like Typing Instructor Platinum. Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum. Excellent Progress reporting — The software functions on an individual keystroke basis and tracks which keys, phrases and chain sequences you have issues with.

It will then suggest a training program for you to improve, whereas charts and in-depth stat analysis will show your progress. Ergonomics — Posture and positioning are also hugely important and this is reinforced from lesson one. Improving your position and posture makes reaching for keystrokes and chaining words together much easier in the long run. Tutorials — If you struggle with certain exercises or wish to repeat subjects, there are video tutorials with audio instruction that give clear advice and hints right. Versions — Ultrakey comes as an online or desktop version offering single or multiple-user licenses for adults, families, schools and businesses alike.

There is support for all major systems and browsers. School and educational editions also provide extensive administration and class management. Verdict — Ultrakey is an excellent typing tutor that can be adjusted to personal preferences. With its in-depth progress tracking, a huge selection of activities and helpful guidance, success is assured no matter what your goals are.

We see it as one of the best typing software for teachers. KAZ is only one of a few companies to actually offer a separate Dyslexia edition even though there is a significant number of children and adults suffering from dyslexia. Overview — This edition is suitable for individuals, schools and institutions alike and helps improve coordination and avoid work overload, Furthermore, it will reduce the impact of visual stress, for example, headaches, rotating and flipping letters or blurring.

Unique Preference Screen — At the core, there is a Unique Preference Screen which allows you to individually set the font color contrast , font size, typeface with 2 licensed dyslexic fonts and filter color. The latter will help minimize blurring, reduce white screen glare and stabilize letter movement.

Junior Dyslexia Edition — A version is also available for young students aged It includes the same teaching method and preference screen, however, vocabulary, imagery and animations have been adapted to this age group. Family Dyslexia Edition — If there are both children and adults who could benefit from learning with a dyslexia edition, the Family software license includes both versions and 5 user accounts. Non-dyslexic family members can also learn to type with this edition by simply using the default settings.

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It sports all features of the core typing tutor. Download version for Mac and Windows available. Mavis Beacon has partnered with Broderbund to deliver a typing course that is highly personable and objective based, meaning that once an objective is reached only then can you progress to the next one. This tutor has over exercises, making it the most versatile typing software on the market. With so many exercises provided in a single package, the instructor is great for teaching anyone how to type fast.

Typist app for mac FREE, learn touch typing the easy way

Mavis Beacon is ideal for anyone from children to the elderly and comes in three different versions for individuals, family and kids. Progressive lessons — One of the best features is that each of its lessons is guaranteed to improve your skills. It does so by giving you a minimum score to reach with each lesson. If you fail to reach the minimum score required, you will be asked to repeat the unit.

The lessons also become increasingly tough as you pass them. Teaching Methods — Focusing initially on finger-to-key instruction, enforcing correct placement, it starts to focus upon chaining keystrokes together before moving onto chained sentences and paragraphs, all designed to improve your speed and accuracy.

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Good posture is also central to the Mavis Beacon typing program. Customizable lessons — It allows users to create a customized training module. Users can pick the games and exercises they want. This helps them target their weakest areas to improve them. Feedback, Monitoring — There is a good level of feedback, with detailed statistics available for all aspects of your typing skills.

Mavis Beacon will suggest suitable activities in order to strengthen your weakest areas. It regularly gives visual prompts as to where your hands should be on screen, allowing you to mimic these positions. Mavis Beacon Family — Up to 8 users can be registered with the Family account of this software, meaning the whole family and a few extended relatives can all experience the benefits of advanced typing. Mavis Beacon Personal — The Personal Edition employs the same learning techniques as the Family Edition, there are however fewer typing exercises as opposed to as some more children orientated ones are left out between versions.

The whole experience feels much less customizable in comparison and every user is subjected to the same teaching methods. However, we love the set structure of the software and the fact that it has so many exercises that you can simply never run out of options. This is a good typing program if you like practicing your skills using several different lessons.

Typing Instructor Web is online typing software for schools, businesses, governments, individuals and families that follows the principles of national keyboarding standards. Powered by Individual Software Inc.

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It is available in English and Spanish. Lessons — There are over 20 typing courses available focusing on a certain type of key on the keyboard, be it a letter, number or punctuation. Exercises are conducted that reinforce correct movements when pressing the relevant keys by on-screen prompts and audio guidance. Any incorrect entries will flash red and have to be re-entered. Suitable for teachers — As a teacher, you can log into a unique server to gather results for each and every student under your guidance.

Admins can also monitor each registered student. You get feedback on exercises they complete and live updates of what they are doing inside the program.

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Versions — Apart from the classic web edition, there are three other versions of the software available. The Platinum edition includes the travel theme, whereas the Kids license includes customized activities, graphics and games for children. Things to consider — The customization options are once again limited for Typing Instructor Web. Verdict — Typing Instructor Web could be one of the best typing software online, however, tutors such as Typesy or KAZ are also cloud-based and provide more sophisticated features.

Whilst more personalization would perhaps help make users connect more with the product, you still receive an excellent program and results. This feature can help you improve your speed and accuracy even when you are not using the tool. Apart from that, it is a fairly basic typing program lacking real premium features. Satellite feature — This unique feature changes the game for Typing Master.

When turned on, the program analyzes your speed and accuracy with typing whenever you are not using the app itself. This is best if you find it hard to make time for daily training. You can also see your weak areas, get suggestions and set goals to improve them. Progressive tests — Typing Master occasionally put you through tests to let you see where your progress stands. With each test, this typing software also gives you plenty of suggestions to help you improve your weakest areas. Verdict — Typing Master is a great tool for professionals or individuals who like to keep things simple.

With no extra features available, you will only be focusing on increasing your speed and accuracy with plenty of effective training modules. Typing Master 10 is available for free.

KeyBlaze is a simple typing tutor suitable for users at all levels and those who simply want to improve on accuracy and speed. Below are some of the most noticeable ones:. Goals, exercises — Using the software is easy. Great efforts have been made to create a fun product that nevertheless never loses sight of the main aim.

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  • A solid feature of KeyBlaze is that you can set specific goals for yourself and then complete drills, exercises and games until you have achieved your goals. Special lessons — The software detects and records keystrokes and words that cause you trouble and suggest additional exercises to overcome the problem. KeyBlaze also includes special lessons that focus on dictation and transcription skills, a unique feature not covered by many other typing software in this category.

    Separate lessons place emphasis on the use of special keys, capitalization and numbers. Verdict — KeyBlaze follows a very structured approach to tuition.