Best twitter clients mac 2012

Last month, Twitter announced that it was ending support for its desktop Mac Twitter client today. The app had been abandoned for months years?


Below is my roundup of the best Twitter client apps for Mac currently available: Tweetbot , Twitterrific and TweetDeck. Personal preference is a big factor here, so I separated out some individual impressions too …. Twitter for Mac is no longer available to download and is officially unsupported as of today, March Twitter clients are like weather apps.

They all do the same basic thing, with some leeway for new approaches and design to set them apart.

Moving from Mac to Windows

All of these apps are available in the Mac App Store. The general interface concept is the same; tabs on the left, scrollable portrait column on the right. You can just click on a tweet to push a detail view of information, with a simple left-right navigation hierarchy of content. If you have multiple accounts, you can switch by tapping on the profile photo in the top left. Twitter for Mac was a bit better in this regard; other account icons would always be visible in the sidebar and not hidden behind a two-step selection.

Tweetbot has a very rich array of mute filters; rules that you can set to never see tweets that meet certain conditions. If a troll regularly sends abuse, you can make a mute filter for the user and set it to last forever. Tweetbot has a nice ad-hoc columns option where you can snap windows together. Feeding my vanity, Tweetbot for Mac includes an Activity view of mentions, likes and follow notifications. For people coming from Tweetbot for iPhone, probably the most popular third-party iOS client, you can expect a familiar experience.

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Do not expect all features to be present though. The Mac version has historically lagged behind the iOS version in getting new features. Still, Tweetbot users will be right at home here.

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This aggregates your main feed of tweets from people you follow, your direct messages, your mentions into a single home timeline. Tabs for things like mentions and DMs still exist if you want to focus in one particular category of content.

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You can filter users, hashtags, particular words, web domain or advanced regex expressions. Instead of hiding the content entirely, a muffled tweet appears in the feed as a single line with most of its content hidden, unless revealed with a click. Apart from this, it has the ability to monitor and manage multiple Twitter accounts from one interface. The social media dashboard application for managing Twitter is compatible with several operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Seesmic : Seesmic is available in two versions, both working just fine with any browser. Seesmic devotes the option to insert videos and pictures and share them directly. The application takes advantage of the latest Microsoft.

Mac Gems: Tweetbot for Mac is exactly what you'd expect

NET 4. They decided to build a Sparrow-like App for the very much underserved Windows market. Mailbird was born. Many of our users, that came from Mac love Mailbird for its customization options, visual clarity, and a better overall experience that will allow you to become a superior email ninja. Our developers put a lot of effort and focus on a super clean and intuitive UX and UI to give people a unique alternative to Outlook. Multiple email account management is ridiculously easy in Mailbird, storage management is also a breeze, with the ability to coordinate with Dropbox, Google Docs, Evernote, Asana, and more.

‎Twitterrific: Tweet Your Way on the App Store

Just yesterday we have launched the Alpha of our brand new Contacts Manager, that allows you to import and export contacts from your current email provider and keep your entire network organized. It will sync with Outlook and Gmail and combines unique and known features to unify all of your online contacts with ease.

Get Mailbird Free. You are also able to sort and search correspondence via profile photo or customizable folders and labels, ensuring an efficient system. If customization is what you care about, you will love Mailbird. The Setup is intuitive. The design and interface of the app are made for those who like beautiful productivity, with new features constantly being added to improve the overall experience.

We have added advanced touch support for all your devices, third party apps for your social networks, and a speed reader to allow you to cut your email reading time in half. Customization is better in eM client than Microsoft Outlook, nevertheless, it is very similar to Outlook. Contacts and calendar integrate well. The interface is stylish, clean, and incredibly natural to use, making the experience pleasant and mostly hassle-free. Similar to MS Outlook, Thunderbird has been around for quite some time already.

And even though Mozilla has suspended its development, it is still a very popular choice for people that are looking for a reliable and free email client.

The Life and Death of Twitter for Mac

As with Mailbird and eM Client, multiple account management is a complete breeze. The setup process for Thunderbird is easy. This may matter for some users making the big switch. At the end of the day, choosing the ideal email client will come down to two things: 1 Your daily use and 2 the features that are critical for your productivity. Finding an app that works with you, not against you is key. Hopefully, the list above helps you find the best email client to support you making the move from Mac to Windows.

Simply update your Mailbird and check it out. I personally prefer the Windows 10 Mail client.