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For those without a Mac that supports AirPlay mirroring, don't fret. There's a far more versatile app that provides the same experience available which works on most Core 2 Duo Macs running Snow Leopard and above called AirParrot.

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Unlike AirPlay Mirroring, AirParrot can not only mirror your display but it can extend it as well as selectively mirroring single apps. Visit the AirParrot site and download the free trial which is limited to 20 minutes of usage at a time. Once you launch the app, you'll have a menu displayed in your menu bar where you can configure AirParrot's settings. This includes the Apple TV you wish to use if you have more than one , the display options you'd like to use whether you'd like to simply mirror or extend your Mac display and if you'd like to include audio.

Select your Apple TV from the menu and your display will begin mirroring to it. If you'd like to stream audio as well, make sure to select the option from the menu. What sets AirParrot apart from Airplay Mirroring is its ability to mirror individual apps rather than your whole display.

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As I mentioned previously, AirPlay Mirroring means that you can't really use your Mac if you're trying to watch a movie since everything you're doing on the Mac is mirrored to the Apple TV. To mirror an individual app, select the app you'd like to mirror from the Specific Apps menu of AirParrot. One thing to remember is that it mirrors it exactly , including window size.

If you've playing a video in a small window, that's what you'll see on your Apple TV, albeit with a black background. For best results, take your window full screen and leave it running in another space. For video that isn't in your iTunes Library, your Mac doesn't have any ability to stream it via AirPlay. Thankfully, there's a great 3rd party app called Beamer that can add this functionality to our Mac. You can download Beamer by visiting the Beamer site and downloading the trial.

Without a license, Beamer is limited to 15 minutes of playback so you are free to try it out and if it's something you want to continue using, simple head back to the site and purchase a license. Once you launch Beamer, you'll be presented with a simple window that will prompt you to drag a movie file onto it. If you have one Apple TV on the same network, Beamer will automatically connect to it without any interaction.

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Find a video file you'd like to play and simply drag it on to the window. Playback will begin as soon as it's ready. The Apple TV only supports a small number of video files and codecs, mainly Apple's preferred choice of H. Beamer works by transcoding any incompatible video file to one that the Apple TV supports.

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  8. If Beamer does need to transcode a video, this requires a huge amount of processor power since your Mac is basically converting a video from one format to another and streaming it all at the same time. If you're on a portable Mac, make sure it's plugged in to the mains as it will drain your battery pretty quickly. So far, we've been able to stream pretty much any video format that we might have stored on our Mac to our Apple TV.

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    4. One feature that iOS devices have is being able to play any compatible video file from sites such as Vimeo and YouTube directly via AirPlay. Although the Apple TV has built-in apps that can do this, it relies upon searching and I find that the search functionality has a lot to be desired. Additionally, we tend to find the clips we want to watch using our Mac, anyway. The app is also able to stream any QuickTime-compatible files that are stored on your Mac but may not be in iTunes.

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      The YouTube clip will start playing within the app after a few moments. Once it has started playing, right-click and select the option to stream it to your Apple TV. You can even close the video window and it will resume playing on your Apple TV until you quit the app. Once installed, you can press the toolbar button that appears whenever you're on a YouTube clip and it will automatically open in HUDTube for you to then stream to your Apple TV. Maybe your network is too slow.

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      You might be better off contacting the support forum for MPlayerx. What do you mean that my network is slow? When Apple will be so kind and will allow users to watch movies using their expensive devices by providing with quality applications. To prevent I do the following: 1.

      You can stop the movie and restart: check if this works 2. Enter new code, then agin push play on your movie as seen on Mac. My home network is fine and uses the Time Capsule as a bridge to wirelessly connect to my laptop. This last — the name of the sending device — is there to help out in offices and classrooms. It tells you who is beaming to the device right now.

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