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Before you begin troubleshooting, ensure that you are logged in as an administrator: Windows What is an administrator account? How do I log in as an administrator?

Adobe illustrator cs5 serial mac os x : krepdachte

Mac OS What is an administrator account? Software freezes before startup screen. Use the following solutions if you are facing problems even before you see the startup screen. Trial version ended prematurely. Some of the reasons for which trial versions end prematurely are: The time and date settings on the device, including time synchronization, were changed. Installation or launch files of the product were changed.

Permissions on installation or launch files were changed. Software license agreement panel reappears after you click Accept.

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Serial number issues. Issues when upgrading the software. Account, password, or log in issues. Activation problems. Resolve product launch freezes or problems. Temporarily disable plug-ins.

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To launch Acrobat without plug-ins, press Shift immediately after double-clicking the Acrobat program icon. Then, restart the application. Re-create preferences. Windows Disable Compatibility Mode. Right-click the product application file and choose Properties. Disable startup items and services. Log in using a new local administrative user account.

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This video demonstrates the procedure to create a Standard user account. To create an Administrator account, select Administrator in the New Accounts menu. Restart the application. Troubleshoot font issues. Remove or disable nonessential fonts and then restart your Creative Suite application. Windows Update your video card driver.

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Search the knowledgebase for errors. Search the Adobe knowledgebase for any errors that appear:.

Adobe Creative Suite's Lion limitations

Type the error into the search field and click Search. Run the Adobe Support Advisor. Perform system troubleshooting steps. Contact Adobe Technical Support. Rain - indeed, I can find it there.

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