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With her help, the soldier must learn to become a Jedi, stop Darth Malak, and discover the truth about his or her own past.


Downloads 1 - 4 are the parts of an archive containing the disc image for v. Download 5 is a universal binary update. The old Aspyr support page for this is now only accessible via the Wayback Machine.

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Thank you mrdav fixing the download links. I tried the game on Power mac G4 1. The game work very slow on G4 1. The game will work better on G5 computers. If want this game to work on G5 down this game on this mac.

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Or You can buy the game from mac app store for the intel computer. But I expect it will be fixed eventually. I tried safari 5.

Also check all your other games on this max1zzz's server and make sure they work. I will look into it. Should be all good now. You can buy the game at Mac app store or www. But only works on intel macs. All aspyr games are intel now.

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They have drop all games on PPC and Universal. They have most been update them to works on intel mac. Some have not been update to intel.

I think you should reinstate the link to the game. Aspyr did a fantastic job for the port.

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While the game isn't supported on integrated graphics, I found it has worked well most of the time, though it does occasionally crash when you move to another zone. I don't imagine this would be a problem on newer models, so to those with older Macs like me, save often!!

The character building has so much depth and strategy that you can create any character you want in this game and truely live a life in the Star Wars universe. If you like RPGs, Star Wars, Blaster, Sword, or Magic type games where there is a great story, excellent side quests, and choices that impact the world or other characters then this is the game for you. Operation: It did crash occasionally freeze up , since I updated to Sierra, maybe once every 4 hours. Moving to Kotor 2 next, so review pending It's hard to believe a game from nearly ten years ago still looks and plays this good today.

This is the game that obviously paved the way for titles such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age, granted the choices in this game don't have quite the same outcome as the current generation Bioware titles, but you can certainly determine how this story ends whether you choose to be a Jedi or a Dark Lord of the Sith.

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Possibly one of my favourite games of all time, there is nothing quite like running around and hacking away at enemies with a lightsaber! Five stars!

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