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We did a lot of research in this field, and it seems even scientists cannot come to a consensus on which one is better. Make no mistake, however- for some people, a vertical mouse will feel more natural and comfortable to use over a long period of time than a conventional one. For this category of mouse, we pick J-Tech vertical mouse as the hands down best ergonomic vertical mouse , not just for its excellent ergonomic design, but great usability and ultra affordable price point.

Supplanting our pick for the best vertical mouse of last year, the Anker 2. First is the overall larger profile of the mouse that makes the J-Tech a lot more comfortable to use. The J-Tech V is 5. The heftier profile makes the J-Tech a lot easier to grip and rest your hands on, compared to the Anker that feels more like pinching at times.

Secondly, we love the removable rubber palm rest that sits underneath the J-Tech.

10 Best wireless trackball mice on the market in 12222: Comparison Table

It not only cushions your wrist, but keeps your wrist perfectly straight when operating the mouse. All these little details add up to make the J-Tech Digital V Mouse an extremely comfortable mouse to use for hours on end. On the right side of the J-Tech are two giant buttons for left and right clicking, with a scroll wheel nestled between the two. The main cause of carpal tunnel syndrome stems from pressure on the median nerve that runs from your forearm all the way down to the hands.

From an ergonomic point of view, some people like to turn the DPI level down and utilize their entire arm to move the mouse instead of the wrist to avoid putting too much strain on the former.

A couple of things worth mentioning before you dive head first into the J-Tech Digital v Vertical mouse. Firstly, the mouse is not ambidextrous, making it only suitable for right handed people. The one we reviewed was wired. It also maintains most of the ergonomic attributes of a good vertical mouse, from relieving carpal tunnel syndrome, hand cramps, to finger fatigue. Just how compact is the Havit Vertical Mouse?

Its height is just 2. The Havit vertical mouse is wireless, connecting to your computer using 2. While it is bit of a hassle to remove the battery cover each time to store the receiver, this eliminates any chances of losing the receiver, or simply fumbling around your backtop to find it.

People with carpal tunnel syndrome or frequent wrist pain due to non stop use of the laptop trackpad or traditional mouse will definitely want to give this Havit mouse a try. Compared to my old laptop mouse where my fingers are constantly clinched, with a big gap between my palm and the mouse due to its flat profile, the Havit supports every part of my hand as I rest on it see pictures.

The company bills this mouse as more suitable for people with medium to large hands, though I have relatively small hands, and the mouse still fits like a glove. It is only for right handed people however. Six buttons on the Havit Vertical Mouse let you perform all the standard tasks, including back and forth when web browsing. The scroll wheel features ratchet scrolling to evenly scroll through documents and webpages. Havit is a relatively new computer accessories company compared to heavy weights such as Logitech. Evoluent is the original creator of the vertical mouse , and as such has more experience than any other company in coming up with designs that facilitate people with existing musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel or even tendinitis.

The 5 Best Trackball Mice for Every Budget

In some ways this can even be thought of as a medical mouse. The Evoluent mouse features a sturdy base with a steep hand area that is sloped almost 90 degrees relative to the desk. This keeps your wrist in a completely, natural, untwisted position as you operate the mouse. A right lip at the bottom of the mouse supports your pinky finger so it never scrapes the desk. So does such a radical design work for people with carpal tunnel and other RSI issues? Well, consider this: The Evoluent vertical mouse is the only mouse that has been approved for use by physical therapists at the health clinic in UC Berkeley.

Another feature of the Evoluent designed to ease operation of the mouse for people with hand injuries is the adjustable optical sensor. A rocker conveniently located behind the main mouse buttons let you increase or decrease the speed of the mouse pointer on demand.

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People with CTS often will benefit from a less sensitive mouse cursor that is more forgiving to jerky movements, and with the Evoluent mouse, the cursor speed can be adjusted with ease. The price reflects this, as this is one of the most expensive mouse on our list. It connects to your computer seamlessly using Bluetooth for a zero hassle experience. The Mojo Vertical Mouse comes with that familiar handshake design that minimizes any pronation of the wrist during use.

Many users have remarked how their hand and wrist pain have gone away since switching to the Mojo mouse. This is primarily a computer mouse however- the manufacturer has said the Mojo will NOT work on most iPad, iPhone and other tablets. Two AAA batteries which are included by the way! The buttons are virtually silent when clicked, making the Mojo great in shared office spaces. The finish on the Mojo mouse is a smooth matt, which is nice to the touch and repels fingerprints.

Two things about the Mojo to be aware of before taking the plunge. Secondly, as mentioned, the Mojo mouse does not work with most tablets, despite being a bluetooth mouse. This is primarily a computer mouse.

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The Mojo is one of the best all around ergonomic bluetooth mouse if you intend to use it with your PC or laptop. For people with small hands, finding a comfortable mouse can be tricky.

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A smaller mouse usually means smaller everything, including the arch that supports the palm of your hand, making them a lot less ergonomic than their larger counterparts. The Jelly Comb Wireless Vertical Mouse uses a vertical design that mimics a handshake, allowing smaller hands to wrap around the mouse fully without any twisting in the wrist. Many users on Amazon with such hand profiles have remarked on just how comfortable the mouse is compared to traditionally sized mice.

The mouse comes with a traditional vertical scrollwheel on the top, and back and forward page buttons located above the thumbrest. We love the low impact, high endurance design of the click mechanics, which Jelly Comb claims have been put through stress tests of over 5 million clicks. In other words, the mouse is built to last.

The Jelly Comb is wireless and operates on a single AA battery not included. Instead of bluetooth technology, the mouse uses 2. And when traveling, the tiny receiver can actually be stowed away inside a slot underneath the mouse, which is a nice touch. For people with small hands that need an ergonomic and comfortable mouse, the Jelly Comb is your best bet , with its compact vertical design and dimensions that supports your palm and fingers extremely well.

The mouse is also built to last, with a lifetime replacement guarantee unrivaled in the market. The surface of the mouse can be best described as rubberized sand paper, which I absolutely love. An unique feature of this gaming mouse is the ability to modify its weight with the 8-piece weight tuning set 2.

In terms of power gaming features, the UtechSmart Venus Precision Mouse leaves very few stones unturned. In fact, many users find the UtechSmart a great productivity mouse thanks to these buttons. For people with small hands, it may not contour to your hands properly, and as a result, defeat the purpose of its ergonomic design. When it comes to gaming mice, ergonomics is rarely the main focus. UtechSmart is an awesome gaming mouse that finally understands this.

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Finally, an ergonomic mouse that caters to both left and right hand users! The Kensington Orbit with its symmetrical design means it supports the contours of your hand regardless of which one you grace it with. An ambidextrous design also means you can alternate between your hands to use the mouse, an exercise that is highly ergonomic if you can master it. If you have any sort of wrist pain, this is Beethoven to your ears. Located along the two sides of the Kensington Orbit are two giant buttons to serve as the left and right click buttons. We found them extremely responsive and aptly positioned.

Many precision oriented tasks will take a little longer to complete, from dragging and dropping files, editing photos in Photoshop, to highlighting a few letters within a word in a document.

For more generalized tasks such as launching programs or clicking on links, however, there is little difference between the two pointing devices. Read our full analysis, Trackball vs Regular Mouse for more information.