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Moving iTunes to SanDisk MP3 Player – A Step By Step Guide

If you meet the same problem too, you got the right place! You need some software to convert the protected M4P music file to unprotected MP3 first, and then you can play the mp3 files with your Sansa MP3 player. TuneClone is a unique audio converter software.

Apple Music Converter – Convert Apple Music to MP3

The conversion speed is higher than the audio converter programs that record the music while playing back protected M4P files and the audio quality is much better than the recording method. It can repeat this audio converting procedure until your whole music collection is done. I had an iPod shuffle that shorted out, and when searching for a new MP3 player, I liked other players much better than those sold by Apple.

But I was upset to discover that none of the plus songs I had in my iTunes library could be downloaded to any other MP3 player but an iPod. Some reverted to older firmware versions and continued to use them without problem.

How to Put Apple Music to SanDisk Clip Sport?

Now, there have been several firmware revisions and they do not work at all. The older firmware is no longer available that I can find and even if it were, one would need to connect to the computer to install it. Have sent a message to SanDisk inquiring about all this. If I receive any useful info will post it.

How to Recover Deleted Songs from SanDisk MP3 Music Player

For those of you trying to find out how to make your e or other sansa mp3 players work on your mac os x I purchased a Sansa Sandisk player 2gb e via woot. This device mounts as a removable storage device in OS X.

Transfer iTunes playlists to SanDisk Sansa Clip MP3 Player (Mac)

As such, I simply drag and drop songs from iTunes to the desktop, and then into the "Music" folder on the device. Works great.

I've tried all the selections and it isnt doing anything that is helpful so i need some suggestions? I did try to search for an answer but did not find that forum. Who uses SanDisk anymore? Getting Started: Have something to contribute to this discussion? Please be thoughtful, detailed and courteous, and adhere to our posting rules.